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Our 5 year old Pomeranian Jodi and 6 year old Pomeranian Foxy have both been eating PET | TAO food for several months, and we've seen a noticeable change in their overall health and energy levels. Both of them have healthier coats, and Jodi's long hair, which was somewhat coarse before, is now soft, shiny, and easier to groom. They are both visibly blooming with health and are more energetic than before PET | TAO and seem to feel better in every way. We are confident that this food will keep them in better health and even contribute to lengthening their life spans. I would highly recommend PET | TAO food to any animal lover!


I just want to let you guys know how much I love your product. I have a pug who was diagnosed with lymphoma. To make matters worse, it started in his liver, and the vet said that even with chemo, he would only live 9 weeks. He went about 7 days without eating, and then I found out about PET | TAO. For weeks, it was the only thing he would eat. I have been feeding it to him ever since, and am so pleased with how he responded to the food. Not only has he, with the help of chemo, been in remission for almost 2 years, but he is like a puppy again! Please keep up the good work!


You are really dedicated to what you do. Very impressive! I will definitely cook his food. I appreciate your support and appreciated your involvement and love for these fur babies. He has made great strides and I am committed to doing whatever I have to, to get his health to turn back around. He is definitely a FOODIE and I am his number one fan. I know you understand.


My dog has been eating PET | TAO for several weeks. He is doing Wonderful for a 16-year old. His coat looks much better and his quality of life has definitely improved. In addition, he loves the cooling diet. We are both very pleased with your product and service. Thank you.


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Convenient Eastern Food Therapy for Dogs


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