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What is TCVM?

TCVM stands for Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. 

Can anyone purchase from you?

Yes! We welcome all customers, and we strive to make Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine accessible to all. Anyone can create an account with us here. We require an authorization from your vet for certain products. 

What products do you require veterinary authorization for?

Currently, we require an authorization for Jing Tang Herbals and Kan Herbals. We do not require authorizations for food, treats, or supplements. 

Why do you require veterinary authorization for herbal formulas?

We require veterinary authorization because while many herbal formulas may help your pet, there is one formula or combination of formulas that will help your pet the most. It's up to a veterinarian trained in TCVM to determine which formula is appropriate for your animal. Since there are hundreds of different herbal options, it's important to trust your vet to choose the appropriate formulas rather than trying to choose on your own.  

Can you help me determine which formula is appropriate for my pet?

Since we haven't examined your pet, we can't give specific medical advice or diagnoses. We can give you general information and links to resources to learn more about TCVM herbs.

We believe consulting with a TCVM vet is your best bet. Check out the AHVMA's holistic vet list to find a vet in your area, and ask them about TCVM herbals.

If you're in the Nashville area, we have two clinics where you can schedule a consultation with one of our founders, Dr. Smith or Dr. Damron. Phone consults with Dr. Smith or Dr. Damron are great options if you can't find a vet in your area. 

Can you help my vet determine which formula is appropriate for my pet?

Yes. Dr. Smith and Dr. Damron offer free consults to other veterinarians. Please ask your veterinarian to fill out the contact form at or and mention they'd like help recommending herbs. Our vets will discuss your case with your veterinarian. 

How do I request an authorization?

Simply fill out the form here, and we'll contact your vet. 

How do you try to contact my vet? 

We do not send requests by fax or phone. We email your vet a link to a veterinary authorization form.  When your vet is done filling out the form, they press "submit" and we receive the information about your pet's herbal formula and dose. It's easy - your vet doesn't need to email us anything. 

If my vet doesn't respond, will you keep trying to contact them?

Yes. We continue to send emailed requests to your vet for 7 days until we receive a response. 

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time. We recommend you check with the manufacturer of the product you're looking for to see where it's available internationally. 

Do you offer wholesale pricing?

We offer wholesale pricing on PET | TAO products to veterinarians and retailers. The rest of our products are sold at full retail price. You can fill out a wholesale application here

How do I get more information and coupons?

Create an account! You'll be on our email list, and we'll send you coupons and information about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.