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About TCVM Pet Supply

TCVM Pet Supply is owned and operated by TCVM-certified practicing veterinarians Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron, who are also the founders of PET | TAO.

TCVM Pet Supply’s mission is to expand awareness of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine so dogs, cats, and horses can live longer lives.  

TCVM Pet Supply carries the following brands:  

  • Jing Tang (just like other TCVM veterinarians)
  • PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products 
  • Chi Dog 
  • WinPro
  • Kan Herbals
  • Vet Classics 

TCVM Pet Supply’s goal is to fill in some of the gaps, making TCVM care easy and convenient, helping pet parents stay compliant with their veterinarian’s recommendations. 

We noticed the following difficulties: 

  • Some TCVM veterinarians are mobile vets, without room to stock inventory. 
  • Some TCVM veterinarians do not want to maintain inventory or deal with ordering for clients. 
  • Not all veterinarians know TCVM. 
  • Some veterinarians only know one aspect of TCVM, like acupuncture. 
  • Some pets live too far from a TCVM-trained veterinarian. 

TCVM Pet Supply offers options to customers who want the benefits of TCVM, yet exist in scenarios where TCVM products and services are not readily available. 

What Does TCVM Pet Supply Offer? 

TCVM-based Products 

  • Herbs (by veterinary authorization only) 
  • Food 
  • Treats 
  • Supplements 

Food & Herb Consultations  

  • Customers are referred to the Chi Institute TCVM vet list and instructed that an in-person consultation with a TCVM-certified veterinarian provides the best results. We refer patients to you!
  • Customers who cannot find a TCVM-certified veterinarian in their area can obtain a phone consultation ($110) with one of our TCVM-certified veterinarians.  
  • Veterinarians who need assistance with food and herbs can get a consultation ($0) with one of our TCVM-certified veterinarians. 

Who Does TCVM Pet Supply Sell To? 

Anybody can purchase from TCVM Pet Supply. 

Jing Tang Herbs 

TCVM Pet Supply sells Jing Tang Herbs to customers by veterinarian authorization only. TCVM Pet is NOT affiliated with Jing Tang Herbal, and is owned and operated independently. TCVM Pet Supply is owned and operated by TCVM veterinarians Dr. Marc Smith and Dr. Casey Damron.  

PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products 

TCVM Pet Supply sells PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products at wholesale prices to veterinarians and holistic pet supply stores. Pet owners may also purchase PET | TAO Holistic Pet Products online at retail price. 

Vet Classics 

TCVM Pet Supply sells Vet Classics at MSRP retail prices only. 

How Does the Jing Tang Herbal Veterinary Authorization Process Work? 

To purchase Jing Tang herbs, clients must have prior approval from their veterinarian. Herbs are not shipped to clients without prior approval from their vet.  

TCVM Pet Supply directs all clients who do not yet have a TCVM vet to Dr. Xie’s “Find a Practitioner in Your Area” directory on the Chi Institute website at  

When clients already have a TCVM-certified veterinarian, we send a digital authorization form to the vet to fill out.  If the vet does approve the herb the client requests, TCVM Pet Supply does not ship the herb.  

Clients who cannot find a TCVM-certified veterinarian in their area are offered a TCVM phone consultation with one of our TCVM-certified Veterinarians. 

TCVM Vet Supply veterinarians also provide free consultations for client's veterinarians who are unsure of how to best use a particular Jing Tang Herbal blend. 

Thank you for practicing and supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!