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TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Program

TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Program

TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Program - Share the Love & Earn Some Cash!

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With the TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Program, you promote holistic pet wellness and earn a continuous commission on every referral's purchases.

We're deeply committed to the principles of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, driven by our dedication to enhancing the well-being of pets. We understand that many of you share this passion with us!

When you're genuinely passionate about something, it's natural to want to spread the word. And why not be rewarded for it?

It's Easy to Earn with The TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Program!

As an affiliate partner, you're entitled to a 10% commission for every customer you refer to us. We offer three convenient methods for you to facilitate referrals and earn your commission:

  • Share Your Affiliate Link: Direct your clients to our website using your unique affiliate link.
  • Provide a Discount Code: Offer your clients a special 20% discount by sharing your personalized, one-time-use coupon code for them to enter at checkout.
  • Manual Entry: Input your client's email addresses directly into your affiliate dashboard.

Once your referred client completes a purchase through any of these methods, their future orders will be automatically tracked, ensuring you receive your 10% commission.

To kickstart your commission earnings, simply choose one of the registration options below:

  • Veterinarian Affiliate Registration - All Products:¬†For veterinarians seeking a 10% commission on all products, including the submission of authorizations for Jing Tang and other TCVM herbal formulas, we offer a streamlined process. Additionally, we maintain a publicly accessible Authorizing Vet Referral List on our store website. This list serves as a valuable resource for clients seeking veterinarians to authorize their herbal purchases. If you wish to be featured on this list, please message us and let us know.¬†
  • Veterinarian Affiliate Registration - No TCVM Herbs: For veterinarians who sell herbs in their clinic, we offer a compelling opportunity to earn a 10% commission on PET | TAO and other products. Importantly, if a client tries to purchase TCVM herbal products that necessitate veterinary authorization from our store, their request will be declined. Instead, we will redirect them back to you for the herbal purchase. We strongly believe in fostering strong client-veterinarian relationships, especially in the realm of TCVM herbal formulas!
  • Veterinarian Affiliate Registration - PET | TAO Only:¬†For veterinarians selling herbs and other TCVM products in their clinics, we offer a commission of 10% specifically on PET | TAO products. If any of your clients seek to order an authorization-only TCVM herbal product from our store (such as Jing Tang, Kan, or Herbsmith Rx), their request will be respectfully declined. Instead, we'll guide them back to you to fulfill their herbal needs. It's worth noting that purchases of items we sell over the counter, like Gou Gou Pets Topical products or Herbsmith, won't qualify for discounts or commissions.
  • Sales Rep Affiliate Registration:¬†For 10% commission on all products in the store. However, all TCVM herbal formulas require an authorization from a vet on our Authorizing Vet Referral List.
  • General Public Affiliate Registration¬†-¬†For 10% commission on all products in the store. However, all TCVM herbal formulas must have an authorization from a vet on our Authorizing Vet Referral List.

Simply click the appropriate link above and complete the application process.

Once your application is approved, you'll receive an email confirmation.

After that, you're all set to begin earning commissions!

How the Affiliate Program Works

Once you're approved as an affiliate, you can log in to the TCVM Pet Supply Affiliate Portal. 

Once you're inside the affiliate portal, you'll have access to your personalized dashboard equipped with your unique affiliate link.

This dashboard empowers you to create links to specific pages, shorten URLs, automate social media postings, and craft emails seamlessly, all within the portal.

You will also find detailed insights into your upcoming commissions, payment history, and a dedicated messaging feature to communicate directly with us regarding your affiliate membership.

The process is designed to be quick and straightforward for you. Simply share your affiliate link and start earning a 10% commission!

If you prefer face-to-face interactions, you can still earn commissions. Just introduce our store to your clients, family, and friends.

Then, enter their email addresses into our affiliate portal.

This ensures you receive credit for the referral.

When they sign up using the provided email address and make a purchase, you'll earn a 10% commission on that order as well as any future orders they place!

How Affiliate Commissions are Paid

Affiliate commissions are paid quarterly via PayPal 4-6 weeks after the end of each quarter. A PayPal account is required to participate in our affiliate program. 

Join Us!

We're excited to finally offer an affiliate program to our loyal customers and referrers. 

If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way, just let us know.