Di Tan Tang Concentrated 90g Powder

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Jing Tang

Di Tan Tang

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 90g powder

TCVM Principles: Transforms phlegm, clears internal wind

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • Does di tan yang contain copper?

    Thank you for your question! There is no copper in Di Tan Tang. The ingredients are as follows: Chen Pi (Citrus), Dan Na Xing (Arisaema), Dan Shen (Codonopsis) Fu Ling (Poria), Gan Cao (Glycyrrhiza), Gan Jiang (Zingiberis), Gou Teng (Uncaria), Hai Zao (Sargassum), Kun Bu (Laminaria),  Shi Jue Ming (Haliotis), Shi Chang Pu(Acorus), Zhi Shi (Aurantium), and Zhu Ru (Bambusa).

  • Can you tell me if mind has been shipped?

    Good afternoon, Thank you for ordering TCVM herbals from TCVM Pet Supply!  We have not yet received an authorization from your vet for your purchase. If you have already requested an authorization from your vet using our form, we contacted your vet using the information you submitted, but have not received authorization yet. We can ship your herbal upon receipt of their authorization. If you have not requested authorization using our form, please do so now: https://tcvmpet.com/pages/get-an-authorization Additionally, if you think we have an authorization on file under a different name than the name you used to place the order, please reply to this email with that info. Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, and have a great day!