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Jing Tang Epimedium Formula 600g Powder  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Epimedium Formula Concentrated 90g Powder

Epimedium Formula

SIZE/QUANTITY: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM PRINCIPLES: To tonify Kidney Yang, nourish Yin/Jing

INGREDIENTS: Bai Shao Yao, Bu Gu Zhi, Chen Pi, Dang Gui, Dang Shen, Gou Qi Zi, He Shou Wu, Huang Qi, Mai Men Dong, Shu Di Huang, Suo Yang, Tu Si Zi, Xu Duan, Xuan Shen, Yang Qi Shi, Yin Yang Huo
Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free maltodextrin


Ask a Question
  • How is dosing done for a 4 month 60 lb dog

    Thank you for your question! The manufacturer's recommended dose range for Epimedium Formula Concentrated 90g Powder is 0.1-0.25g per 10-20lb twice daily for dogs and cats. It's important to find out your vet's recommendation based on your pet's specific condition since the dosing range is quite large. Some vets recommend starting with a lower dose and increasing based on how your dog is doing. The length of time the bottle will last depends on the dose your vet recommends in that range. If you find out how many grams per day your vet recommends, you can figure out how long it will last. You can divide 90 by the number of grams per day your vet recommends to see how many days the bottle will last. We also require herbal authorization for all purchases, which assures us you're using the most effective herbal formula for your pet. To request authorization from your vet, click here: To learn more about Epimedium Formula, click here.

  • My dog is on keppra and will this help him for his hind legs are weak I read about Magnesium supplements to help w that so I thought magnesium oil on legs so it don't go thru digestive tract. Keppra works thru the kidneys right? Also my dog is on Bone Sore and another herb for immunity.

    Thank you for your question! Epimedium formula is designed to help dogs with fertility issues, so it may not help your pet. We do have other herbs designed to help with back leg weakness. This herbal formula is called Hindquarter Weakness. You can read more info here: Keppra works by affecting the transmission of nerve signals in the brain. Please check with your vet about whether it affects your dog's kidneys or not. We also recommend checking with your vet about the best uses of magnesium and to see which herbs would work the best for your dog's individual situation and characteristics considering he is already taking some herbs and medications. If you'd like to try another herbal formula, please request authorization from your vet here in order to purchase:

  • Is epimedium formula safe during pregnancy.

    Thank you for your question! Pregnancy is not a contraindication for Epimedium formula. Also, your veterinarian's authorization is needed in order to purchase from us. You can request authorization here:

  • Is this a good herb for our puppy with genetic issues, specifically spine issues, spina bifida and hemivertebrae which leads to incontinence.

    Hi, thanks for your question!

    There are many different variables that go into a TCVM diagnosis and choosing the right herb. We recommend you consult with your vet to choose the best herbal formula since Epimedium is used mainly for reproductive issues.

    Here's the link to How to Order Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals.

    Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dog mom
Amazing supplement

I haven’t seen this anywhere else online so I just wanted to leave review to let other people know that this is a great supplement for kidney disease in dogs. My dog is nine years old and was born with kidney disease, his bloodwork improved dramatically using this and it’s part of the reason why he’s been healthy for so long.

Carlena Spencer

It is easy to use
Elvis likes it
And we see improvement