Liver Happy Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

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Jing Tang

Liver Happy 

Quantity: Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

TCVM Principles: Soothe Liver Qi, clear Heat, resolve Stagnation

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Ask a Question
  • What specifically is this capsule for? Itchy skin aggression, anxiety.

    Thank you for your question! Liver happy can support a number of different conditions in dogs, cats, and horses. It can support dogs with aggression and liver issues. The formula works by resolving stagnation, soothing liver Qi, and clearing heat. Here's an article that explains more about how Liver happy works in cases of dog aggression: 

    Here are some articles that explain how Liver Happy works for other species:

  • My dog was started on Liver Happy a week ago. Will this affect his appetite? He is not as hungry as he usually is and no longer eating his normal kibble.

    Hi there, Marianne! Thank you for writing about your experience with Liver Happy and TCVM herbal healing! Most pets go through a 1-2 week adjustment when they start Jing Tang herbal formulas, and it's possible the herbs can cause some gastrointestinal upset as your dog's body adjusts. If your dog's lack of appetite persists, we recommend contacting your vet for advice on your pet's specific condition.