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PET | TAO Freeze Dried Beef Kidney Dog and Cat Treats (3oz bag)  - TCVM Pet Supply

PET | TAO Freeze Dried Beef Kidney Dog and Cat Treats (3oz bag)

PET | TAO Freeze Dried Beef Kidney

PET | TAO Beef Kidney treats provide your pet with an array of health benefits. 

Feel Confident You Are Feeding Your Pet the Best Treat
By feeding PET | TAO kidney treats, you are feeding treats for a reason.
Feeding kidney treats creates a tonic effect for your pet's kidney meridian.
Feed to Create Balance
Feeding kidney treats means you are feeding distinct organ meat for a unique deficiency.
Kidney treats balance your pet's kidney meridian, tonifying your pet's kidneys and bladder.

Take Charge by Feeding Treats for a Reason

Treats are more than just fun! Make treats work for your pet's health by feeding treats with specific energetic qualities.

 Beef Kidney Treats help:

  • Geriatric age
  • Swelling, arthritis
  • Incontinence
  • Reproductive issues
  • Kidney and bladder insufficiencies
  • Kidney and bladder¬†health challenges

PET | TAO's Harmony

Help your pet live a long, healthy, and balanced life by choosing the right food!
Feed your pet a nutritious and balanced diet using TCVM Eastern Food Therapy.
Feed with this philosophy and your choices become accurate and effective.

Beef Kidney Treats are an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin A - helping the skin and mucous membranes repel bacteria effectively
  • Riboflavin - benefitting energy production
  • Thiamin (Vitamin B1) - improving the cardiovascular functioning of the body.
  • Niacin - lowering high cholesterol
  • Iron - aiding the heart and immune system

Beef Kidney Treats aid:

  • Hearing loss
  • Arthritis
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Kidney failure
  • Bladder health challenges

How do Beef Kidney Treats help?

  • According to the 5 Element Theory, the kidney is representative of water.
  • The attributes of water are flexibility, softness, and pliancy.
  • By giving your pets kidney treats, the attributes are strengthened.


An older spayed dog with urinary incontinence is an ideal candidate for kidney treats. 

Since the kidney controls the contraction of the urethral sphincter, feeding kidney treats helps alleviate the symptoms of incontinence. 

What do all these benefits mean for you?

Your ailing pet will begin to feel like its old self again!

All of our treats contain one ingredient only - beef kidney - and are additive-free and hypoallergenic by nature.

Each bag contains 3 ounces of tasty, nutritional goodness for cats and dogs! 

You can give treats just for fun, or you can feed treats for a purpose. 

It’s always better to feed treats for a purpose!


Beef Kidney


Crude Protein (min)......68%
Crude Fat (min)............6%
Crude Fiber (max).........1%
Moisture (max)..............11%

Calorie Count: 3,800 kcal/kg (calculated)


Use Beef Kidney as a treat, training award or reconstitute in warm water for 3-5 minutes and use as a food topper.

For best results, feed a minimum of:

  • 1-3 treats per day to pets under 25 lbs
  • 3-5 treats per day for pets 26-50 lbs
  • 10 treats per day for pets over 50 lbs


Ask a Question
  • Are the beef kidney treats processed in China?

    Thank you for your question!

    All of the PET | TAO treats are 100% sourced and processed in the USA (Wisconsin). Here is more info about the kidney treats:

    Here are some links to more information about PET | TAO's manufacturing:

    Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

  • My 11year old cat gets UTI‚Äôs. I feed her Hills Science Diet UTI food, but sometimes she still gets an infection... she has one now.. suggestions please..

    Thank you for your question! You're looking in the right place. Kidney treats can help, along with PET | TAO's Soothe Bladder supplement. It is labeled for dogs due to the hard tablets it comes in, but it's safe for cats - you can crush the tablets into powder. Learn more about how Soothe Bladder works here.

  • Where is the beef kidney sourced from and is it from a grass fed protein source?

    Thank you for your question! The beef kidney is sourced from the USA in Wisconsin and the beef is grass-fed. You can learn more here:

  • What is the dehydrate to fully hydrated ratio? I home cook for my pups I would like to use this product in place of fresh raw kidney. If the pup requires 1.5 ounces per day of fresh raw; how much dehydrated product would you recommend?

    Thank you for your question, and for your interest in Food Therapy and homecooking! If your dog requires 1.5 oz per day of raw kidney, we recommend using 0.5oz daily of PET | TAO's Freeze Dried Kidney Treats. If you're interested in homecooking, you can check out PET | TAO's blog and recipes here:

  • Will it help dissolve stones??

    Thank you for your question! Feeding Kidney may support the kidney and bladder, but is not known to dissolve stones on its own. That being said, freeze dried kidney is part of a well-rounded regimen of alternative treatments for pets suffering from kidney and bladder issues. This regimen includes Eastern Food Therapy (food, treats, and supplements) and Eastern Herbals. A complement to the food therapy program is an herbal formula called Crystal Stone Formula, which supports the dissolution of stones by clearing Heat and Damp, resolving crystals, and supporting the bladder's normal healing process. Crystal Stone Formula requires a veterinary authorization, which you can request here: The food therapy products do not require authorization, just the Eastern Herbals.

  • How long will a 3 oz bag last for a 10lb cat?

    Hi! Thank you for your email!

    We recommend 1-3 treats per day for pets under 25 lbs

    The exact number can vary per bag since they are packaged based on weight rather than the count of treats. 

    We estimate there are between 100-150 treats per bag. The size of the treats also varies between batches due to differences in the appearance and size of beef kidneys that occur naturally. 

    Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lori S.
My dog loves them.

My dog loves the beef kidney treats! He’s a very picky eater and since we only feed him healthy food and treats sometimes it’s hard to find things he likes. When I ask him if he wants a treat he goes nuts!!! Thank you for giving us healthy options for food and treats.

Katherine LaTouche
Dogs Love Them

My dogs love them and I have confidence that we are doing something good for their health.

kim burr

My dogs love this treat!

Sassoon Sumpter
Awesome Treats

My Yorkie loves these treats, and I feel good because I know they are good for him!

Paula Allec
My dogs love these treats!

I just bought these for my younger and my older dog and they love them. I've learned that most dog treats have no nutritional value and can cause pancreatitus if they are over indulged. These treats are good for my older dog who suffers from pancreatitus issues as they can be given even though she is on a prescription diet.