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Based on 249 reviews
I pound them into powder and put it in the dogs food.

I don't see a big difference in the big dog and a little in the smaller dog.

Great for seizures

Works amazing for my dog with seizures. Definitely eliminates the frequency of them

Eastern Food Therapy

I loved the chart and used it to determine which canned food was right for my dog. I use it to put her supplements in and she eat them right up!!!

Dogs Love Them

My dogs love them and I have confidence that we are doing something good for their health.

TCVM Powders my Vet perscribed

My dog is no longer biting at her paws constantly!

Great product - dog loves them

Our dog was diagnosed with a inoperable rib tumor so we were trying to support him as holistically as possible. While it's hard to say if these have had any affect on his cancer, his coat is softer, he's happy and has a ton of energy. He also loves them and will eat them like a treat.

Great resource!

Wonderful clear overview of how to identify and treat stones.

Not enough time

My dog has only been on these for a week. I have not had enough time to see if they work

Freeze dried beef hearts

My dog Riley loves them, but I believe it gives him diarrhea

This stuff is beyond amazing!!!

My dog was recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma, and my vet recommended this product. I feel like it has made a world of difference! Highly recommend!

Dog food

I purchased some pet Tao dog food .
It came on time , is a great food and price was competitive .

She loves it!

This was prescribed by my veterinarian oncologist. But my dog loves it! So very easy to administer.

Jing Tang Heart Qi Tonic Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

Lyme Formula

It has worked in the past to remove all margins of Lyme disease in my dogs - confident it will again.

Di Tan Tang

Great product. My dog has been taking it for about 2 years. The concentrated powder allowed me to significantly reduce her dosage of an initially prescribed pharmaceutical.

Cushings supplements

So far so good! My little dachshund is responding well to the supplements & I am pleased to see her feeling better. I am happy that I found your products!

The girls like it

I bought the chews to support my dog’s immunity for fighting TCC


I’m just undecided if this product works for my fella . It’s pretty pricy.

My pups LOVE these!

My dogs eat a raw diet so they get their fair share of organs but spleen is not common to find at a butcher shop, grocery store, or pet store. I’m happy to have found these!

Dog Allergies 101 - Free Ebook Download

Wonderful organ treats!

My dogs love these and the nutrients supplied by organ meats are so important for health and support the body in many ways!

Free Ebook About Eastern Food Therapy for Pets - Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Therapy


Works great for my dogs weather anxiety!!

great information

Learned a lot from the information on Cushing’s disease in dogs.

Dog Allergies 101 - Free Ebook Download