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Based on 153 reviews
Thank you for the info.

Thanks for more insight on Cushings. Both the pros and cons with all treatment types. I’ve decided to go the natural path due to cost and the inability of modern medicine being able to save her life anyway.
Thank you for the dosage info in the book too.
Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my dog alive for a few more years.

Big dog loves it

I have a very finicky eater. She loves this stuff, if you leave it off she waits for it. Funny dog. Try it with your special pet.

The books and material is very interesting

The material for download is very helpful with our pets, thank you

i am very happy with botyh items i purchased.

Very good

We have been using this product for around i think 2 years or so. It has been great. My greyhound was having trouble with holding her bladder and she was constantly licking and you could see she really needed help. I was first given a drug that i did not like the possible side effects. I asked for something different and i was given this. And even better news was the cost wasnt much different than the drug. I do herbal remedies for me and loved i could now do that for my dog. She has not had any issues since and there have not been any side effects. Plus so much easier to give than a pill. The powder goes on top of her food and she doesnt even know it is there. Now we have a happy healthy dog with no pee issues.

Best Pet treats

My dog loves all the Pet Tao treats. Never run out of them. Thanks. Also your customer service is amazing.


I like to give my girl single ingredient treats. My girl thinks these are delicious.

PET | TAO Harmony Limited Ingredient Canned Formula (Case of 12)

It's a Super Immune-Booster for my FeLV Cats!

I have two cats at home that tested positive for feline leukemia. They were very sick. I followed the recommendations for high-dose vitamin C for them, and it made them feel so much better! One of my cats had bad upper respiratory symptoms; the other was losing hair in patches and had hind leg problems. If you were to look at them now, you would never guess that they ever had problems. They just look like healthy normal cats!

Trays cracked open

Was told they’d be replaced. Haven’t heard back since

Freeze Dried Beef Heart Dog Treats

The pups love them so much I ordered them again.

TAO Harmonize Joint Supplement

Have been giving this to our Dachshund-Yorkie, Hutt, for almost a year. He had surgery for IVDD, which was very successful. Wanted to do everything possible to strengthen and maintain his joint health and flexibility to hopefully prevent future issues. Hutt's doing great!

Great Stuff!

I have to be careful to hide the bag or my dog will eat the whole bag. If I foget to give her some, she will sit in front of the pantry, look at me and back at the door.

Vet recommended Dog rejected

Was hoping this would help my 14yo Coton. She's very picky eater. The good news was it was palatable and she happily eat them as a treat. Bad news she
threw them up as quickly. So for me a complete waste of money. I can't comment if they would have been helpful, because I never got to see any results.

Not for sure

I like the TCVM products but I have a dog that has cushings disease and liver issues so she has to take vetoryl and another liver medication, I don't know if the Harmonize liver supplement is making a huge difference but my vet did like that it had milk thistle in it, so I guess all is good.

Freeze dried liver

My mini schnauzer seems to like these. Takes a while to soften up

A huge help with an ongoing problem

Charley has been getting these little capsules for approximately eight years. I think she has IBD which, as I understand it, is incurable. However, the Great Saussurea Coptis capsules have had a positive impact on her related digestive issues. They are expensive, but worth the cost.

Jing Tang Stasis Breaker Concentrated 90g Powder


Why are all of your products out of stock? I am loyal customer. My dog just had cancer surgery and I am unable to receive any of her food! This is a catastrophe

PET | TAO Harmony Limited Ingredient Canned Formula (Case of 12)

Lignan review

These are really helping my mini schnauzer with his cushings. New blood tests results show progress with areas coming down. Next blood test is in two weeks. Anxious to see if better. I suspect it will be. He’s now sleeping through most nights and drinking less water. Thank you. I wouldve given a 5 but I either have to poke down his throat or crush. He doesn’t like the taste.

We love Jing Tang!

Ordering from Jing tang is easy and efficient. We use the large size of Body Sore and Tendon Ligament for our older doggies. Referred by our fabulous vet, Karen Shan DVM.


My dog has had elevated liver tests. After less than 3 months on the Harmonized Liver, his abdomen is no longer swollen; his weight is down, and Cushing systoms have disappeared. Would recommend!