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Based on 333 reviews
The Pups Love It!

My Golden pups love it! I was looking for a healthy, canned wet food that I could feed my Golden Retrievers in the mornings. I asked our TCVM vet for a recommendation for both pups after she did their first exams. She knows I'm very picky about the food I give my dogs - have been for ages - so when she suggested this Chill Solution, I was thrilled. It's easy to spread on their lick mats, which is what I wanted. My female gets anxious easily, especially when my male is not around (he's been staying at their breeder's home since she was spayed 11 days ago), so the lick mat with this food on it (instead of peanut butter) has been a perfect way to help her relax.

Loved Them!

My cats and dog loved them!

Customer Service Easy to Work With

I am pleased with the service that I have received from TCVM, they are fast to fill and ship the order.

Great product for my aging dog 🐶

My little dog is doing great on this food

My Tater is doing great on this food! He has great fur and his teeth have no tarter build up at all which is a huge deal for his health and longevity!!

Hyper Jia Bing for cat hyperthyroidism

Our kitty has been using this once a day with her other supplements and it has improved her energy level and litter box performance!! Will see if it helps her blood work shortly. Thanks TCVM !

Pet | TAO Chill Freeze Dried Formula

It's ok- I LOVED the Pet| TAO Harmony Food so much better! And I wish your web-site provided more information about what the Chill vs. the Harmony vs. the Blaze food is good do you know which is best for your pet?? Thank you!

Great Product

Lizzie lost he battle, however, Jing Tang Stasis Breaker Concentrated 90g Powder helped her alot. Thanks for all yall do.

Best bladder supplement for my dog

I’ve tried others from reputable brands but this is the only one that keeps my female dog’s bladder healthy as evidenced by no accidents and fully emptying. Please don’t ever discontinue this!

Dogs love them!

So I’ve tried other mushroom supplements that the dogs hate. No problem getting all 6 dogs to take these!!! Was critical for us to find something all of them could take regularly. Their lineage is prone to cancer and this is crucial to their longevity.

Great supplement

My dog had osteosarcoma and suggest this, along with another supplement to help his immune system. This supplement relieved some of his pain, limping was decreased. However, it got worse again (no cure for bone cancer, it only gets worse). But I feel this supplement definitely brought him some pain relief.

My Dog Loves Them and so do I

I give these to my 12 year old Havanese because the vet suspects she has Cushings Disease. After spending $2000 on vet bills for testing and meds without positive results we said, ”NO MORE!” I researched homeopathic treatments and Melatonin is one that is mentioned in quite a few articles. So we decided to try them (along with a couple of others) in case she does have the disease. She is a notoriously bad pill taker but the smell and beef flavor of these is something she seems to like and she eats them without more than a minor sniff now. She is not showing any signs of the disease so it’s hard to know if these are helping keep it at bay, but they aren’t hurting her so I am very pleased.

I see on the comfort I purchased it has helped my dog who was struggling sometime with a limp. My other dog has benefitted from the stomach “probiotic” as he has always had issues. Will be reordering soon. Thanks

Not Appealing to My Dog

While I can’t really tell if they are helping my dog with her symptoms, I can't get her to eat them without a bit of real peanut butter on the pill.

Eastern Food Therapy for Pets: How to Use Food as Medicine for Health and Harmony

Cushings Disease

I was told by a holistic veterinarian that this medication would help my dog with Cushing. He definitely seems to be more symptom-free than he was before. We use it along with the melatonin tablets too Nothing cures Cushing disease, but this sure makes him more comfortable. Less bloating, and such.

Pet/Tao Solution Zing Food

Bought specifically for Yorkshire Terrier who had his spleen removed. Pet Tao Solution Zing had all ingredients we needed for our dog after surgery.

Works Great

I have a goldendoodle that gets urinary tract infections easily. I bought this for her and it is working great. No more problems. I just sprinkle a little on her food each day and it's working great. Thank you.

Dog Arthritis 101: Make Your Dog Feel Better - Instant Ebook Download

PET | TAO Solution Zing Canned Formula (Case of 12)

Amazing supplement

I haven’t seen this anywhere else online so I just wanted to leave review to let other people know that this is a great supplement for kidney disease in dogs. My dog is nine years old and was born with kidney disease, his bloodwork improved dramatically using this and it’s part of the reason why he’s been healthy for so long.

Costly and Did not seem to help the issue

I wanted it to help so much, but I didn’t notice a change. I have a personal long history with TCM and love TCM, and yet I think three are some times when herbs are still not addressing the root cause and therefore they don’t offer anything except a hope.

works great!

I am very pleased with TCVM Pet Supply for filling my order correctly and promptly and I love this product. Our Dog has been on this formula for over 41/2 years.

Recommended by vets...and my dog

Chidog is part of my senior border collie's diet to help her Cushing's disease symptoms. I rotate it with homemade food. Appreciated the discount on first purchase.

seems to be working slowly

Going on my 3rd month with my horse having IMMK. Her better eye cleared up and her bad eye seems like it is a bit better, at least not getting worse. She is brighter and happier. Eye seems less cloudy and darker, heathier and more comfortable. This is my last hope so crossing fingers. I can't afford any vet intervention as I am paying so much as it is on meds and supplements and my vets are very expensive here. They refuse to come out and look at her and she is a rescue so can't get her to them. Couldn't afford the thousands to do so anyway and those are temporary solutions.