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Based on 301 reviews
Super good

This in combination with Denamarin is bring my dogs liver values down who has cushings disease. So happy it’s working.

Makes so much sense!

A complete, healthy diet that makes so much sense!

Aids mobility

My elderly puggle has deteriorating vertebrae in his neck and arthritis in his hips. He falls frequently and has trouble getting back on his feet. This product has helped him move more comfortably and get back up more easily if he falls. We were without it for about three months, and the difference was obvious when got the teapills again.Thank you!

I love these joint chews for my boy. He is turning4 and has severe hip dysplasia. He’s right at 100 lbs so he gets 4 chews daily .

Liver and other medication Issues

This tends to make my dog sick. Mopey, lethargic, does it seem to want to eat. I’m not sure if this harmonized liver can be entertained with the other medication she is on. Vetmedin, Salix, enilapril, and prednisone. If this is the cause for her to be ill, then most likely she won’t be able to take it.

Ligament formula

It smells wonderful and I have no problems with my filly eating it!!


My dog, Benny, has been using this for 2 months now. He has two types of cancer and is elderly with arthritis and vestibular syndrome, so we didn't want to put him through surgery and chemo. We have been treating with Max's Formula & prednisone. His tumors on his paws have shrunk and his thyroid tumor has not grown. We have gotten more time with our dog. We are so grateful.

Great Single Ingredient Treats

Single ingredient and great quality treats that I can trust for my dogs.

Dried Beef Kidney

My dogs love this product. I started using it with my older dog who was having some bladder leakage issues. This product along with some other supplements seemed to help. I continue using it but have to be careful not to use it if they are having any stomach issues.


It is easy to use
Elvis likes it
And we see improvement

Jing Tang Cervical Formula

The cervical formula has significantly improved our 13 year old dog's condition.

Helps my cat cope with use of steroids

This supplement seems to really help my very sick cat have more energy even though he is very sick and only has a few months to live. He is still walking and eating whereas before he was mostly sleeping. Would recommend!

Low fat and dogs love them!

We have been diagnosed dog with Cushings and this pretty much all he is allowed to have. Grateful we found this companion!

Jing Tang Liver Happy 200g Powder

PET | TAO Harmonize Liver Supplement for Dogs and Cats (60 Chewable tablets)


Awesome free ebook very helpful thank you

Great value

I love these tablets for joint support and so does my dog. They’re scored to easily break in half as needed and can be ordered directly from TCVM or I need to trust the things I feed my dog which is why she gets PET TAO and other products for dogs from TCVM Pet Supply.

PET | TAO Solution Chill Canned Formula (Case of 12)

PET | TAO Harmony Beef Canned Formula (Case of 12)

Jing tang 4 Gentlemen

This has really made a difference in my older dog‚Äôs mobility. Her hind leg was very stiff and now she is chasing around with our two younger dogs ūüėä

Need to soak awhile for older pets

My dog who is 15 1/2 likes this treat, but I really have to soak it a long time. It is extremely hard.

Seems to help with the excess drinking