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Jing Tang Hindquarter Weakness 200g Powder

Jing Tang Hindquarter Weakness 200g Powder  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Hindquarter Weakness 200g Powder

Hindquarter Weakness

SIZE/QUANTITY: 200g Powder

TCVM PRINCIPLES: To tonify Kidney, strengthen back and hind limbs, move Qi, resolve Stagnation

INGREDIENTS: Ba Ji Tian, Chuan Niu Xi, Dang Gui, Du Zhong, Feng Hua Fen, Gui Zhi, Huang Qi, Shu Di Huang, Wu Yao

Inactive Ingredients: No Inactive Ingredients

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Ask a Question
  • My 11 year old boxer has horrible arthritis in her hips and back legs. Would this work for her and help her rather than giving 4 chewy supplements a day?

    Thank you for your question! We're sorry to hear your dog is struggling with arthritis! 

    There are a variety of different herbs that can help support dogs with joint pain, such as Hindquarter Weakness, Dok's Formula, Di Gu Pi, and more.

    Sometimes, dogs can have similar symptoms of pain, but their Eastern diagnosis is different, meaning the underlying imbalance causing the pain is different for each dog. The Eastern diagnosis is based on tongue and pulse. The herbs are designed to fit a specific presentation of tongue and pulse, so Hindquarter Weakness is recommended based on your dog's Eastern diagnosis. For example - your dog may have Kidney Qi and Yin Deficiency causing soreness, while a dog with Kidney Qi and Yang deficiency has soreness as well, but was recommended Dok's Formula by their vet.

    If you have questions about your pet's Eastern diagnosis, you may want to confirm with your vet that your dog is taking the appropriate formula. They will be able to look back at the records of the exam they performed and help you further. If you haven't had a TCVM exam yet, we recommend a consultation with a TCVM vet. 

    Other products that can support dogs with soreness are PET | TAO Harmonize Joint, PET | TAO Freeze Dried Beef Kidney Treats, and PET | TAO Comfort. 

    We also have a free downloadable ebook written by our vets about arthritis!

  • Our 14 yr old female dog was given hindquarter weakness by our Vet. She also takes Suo Quan Wan. She has stage 2 maybe 3 chronic kidney disease and severe lumbar spinal stenosis with mobility problems and incontinence. She is still able to walk around on her own but requires assistance. She is eating well. Should she be taking the two herbal preparations every day? Do you have food recommendations for her from your store. Thanks.

    Thank you for your question! I'm sorry to hear your dog is dealing with kidney disease and spinal stenosis.

    We recommend you check with your vet to confirm the dose and administration details of the herbal formulas they recommended for your dog. Most often, peak effectiveness is achieved when herbal formulas are given twice daily rather than just once.

    It is great to hear she is eating well, and to complement her healing, we recommend Freeze Dried Kidney Treats and Chill Freeze Dried Formula (rehydrated with water). You can also substitute Chill canned formula for the freeze dried formula, but we feel the freeze dried formula is a superior product.

    To learn more about the reasons behind these recommendations, check out these articles: and and

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David George
Darby's new life

This product helped my Golden to walk again and stand up as inflammation had literally crippled him.