PET | TAO Chill Freeze Dried Raw Formula (16oz Bag)


PET | TAO Chill Freeze Dried Raw Formula (16oz Bag)

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Why isn't Eastern Food Therapy more widely adopted by dog owners?

Home cooking is time-intensive! 

It involves: 

  • Evaluating the energetic of each ingredient
  • Evaluating the quality of each ingredient
  • Following the correct ingredient proportions
  • Making sure the formula has the right overall energetic for your pet's constitution
  • Scouring grocery stores and farmer's markets for hard-to-find organs 
  • Searching for the perfect calcium supplement
  • Actual cooking time: leaving slow-cooker on for 8 hours or more depending on whether you are cooking bones
  • Cleaning up the dishes and the mess

After all that, you have to make dinner for yourself and your family, too! 

There aren't always enough hours in the day. 

Luckily, food therapy can be easy, and it helps all pets live longer lives. 

PET | TAO removes the obstacles standing between you and the food therapy you'd like to provide for your pet. 

Chill is an energetically cooling TCVM diet that encourages energetic cooling according to TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) theories. 

How does Chill TCVM cooling dog food work?

Simply: If your pet shows signs of too much heat in the body (Yang), balance and feed a cooling (Yin) diet.

Chill TCVM Cooling Dog Food Helps Dogs Suffering From:

  • Excess thirst
  • Insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Dry eyes
  • Easily overheated or anxious
  • Inflammation
  • Hot flashes.

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  • My dog is a fire and wood dog and seems to need always cooling down . He needs cool foods. But he is also a service dog for my food allergies and celiac. He can not have wheat, barley, or rye. Does chill have anyone of those three ? He cant have chicken, lamb, and venison because of needing cool foods.

    Thank you for your question! PET | TAO Chill Freeze Dried Raw Formula contains barley. But, we have another option for you! If you'd like to make a version of the Chill recipe at home in a slow-cooker, you can omit barley and choose other ingredients that agree with your fire and wood dog. Here's a link to the recipe:

  • I have a 10 year old Wired Haired Fox Terrier, Dylan. He has kidney issues and has had pancreas issues . He has currently lost strength in his hind legs and paws , some muscle atrophy as,well. He loves your kidney treats . Would like to introduce your food as well. Any recommendations ? Fyi he has a sensitivity to chicken and grains . Beef or turkey are his current proteins. Thanks so much

    Thank you for your question! Kidney issues are often supported by energetically cooling diets in Eastern Food Therapy. You're on the right track by feeding PET | TAO's kidney treats - they support the kidneys according to the Five Element Theory. We recommend using PET | TAO's Chill formula because it's energetically cooling overall. The main protein is duck, which is coolinng. For dogs with kidney issues, we recommend hydrating the freeze dried food with warm water to provide extra moisture. Also, there may be herbs that can help your dog! You can check with your vet and request authorization here if you're interested:

  • I have a dog who is 14 yers old, He has kidney stones and he also has cushings. Would this be something I could feed him?

    Thanks for your question! We have a number of products that can help support dogs with Cushing's disease. TCVM veterinarians usually recommend energetically cooling formulas for Cushing's. These diets may help support kidney issues as well, especially when rehydrated with warm water. Also, Freeze Dried Kidney Treats can support kidney issues. There are also herbs available for Cushing's that can treat the root causes and deficiencies that lead to Cushing's symptoms. These herbs have to be authorized by a vet, but all PET | TAO foods, treats, and supplements do not require authorization.