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Vendor Spotlight: Kan Herb Company

Vendor Spotlight: Kan Herb Company

At TCVM Pet Supply, our mission is to ensure the health and happiness of animals and promote Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). This goal harmonizes perfectly with Kan Herb Company's dedication to creating top-quality herbal remedies.

Our relationship is founded on the belief that holistic care, including herbal remedies, plays an integral role in promoting optimal health for pets.

Kan Herb Company's Sourcing

Kan Herb Company's strong commitment to selecting top-quality herbs and maintaining strict quality control aligns closely with our goals. Their careful methods in choosing and creating herbal products ensure they are potent, pure, and safe, honoring the rich traditions of Chinese herbal medicine.

Kan prioritizes uncompromising quality standards in making herbal products. First, they start by carefully checking, confirming, and testing raw herbal ingredients in the USA to guarantee top-notch quality right from the beginning. They choose  premium-grade, sulfur-free, wild-crafted, and organically grown herbs, rejecting any inferior or endangered species.

Then, upon arrival, herbs undergo meticulous inspection by licensed herbal consultants. The herbs are analyzed and compared to an extensive database (detailing over 300 Chinese herbs) for quality markers and specifications. You can learn more about Kan Herbs sourcing practices here.

Testing Safety Measures

Kan Herb Company's rigorous safety measures include testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbiological contaminants, surpassing stringent California and USP safety recommendations. All testing and validation are conducted in FDA-recognized laboratories using advanced technologies, guaranteeing accuracy and adherence to modern standards.

The National Food Laboratory Inc (The NFL) uses the FDA "Luke Method" to check herb samples for pesticides. They use special detectors for various pesticide types and compare them to pure pesticide standards.

The Toxicology Group, LLC, a part of NSF International, checks for heavy metals. They use US EPA methods with microwave-assisted acid digestion and ICP-MS analysis to test for arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead.

 Microbiological testing, including Total Plate Count, E. coli, Yeast and Mold, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella, is carried out in-house following cGMP protocols, utilizing recognized 3M Petri film plates.

The National Food Laboratory Inc (The NFL) checks these tests. Aristolochic Acid Detection, done by Exygen Research, follows US FDA standards. They use Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and follow FDA method LIB 4212.

All testing materials are supplied by reputable companies like 3M and Hardy Diagnostics, known for their USP and AOAC approved testing materials.

Their stringent approach underscores Kan Herb Company's commitment to delivering herbal products of the highest quality and safety standards to their customers. You can learn more about Kan Herb Company’s testing practices here.

One of the key reasons why TCVM Pet Supply is proud to collaborate with Kan Herbs due to the remarkable effectiveness of their products. Kan Herbs creates a wide array of herbal supplements and formulas tailored to address different pet health issues. Whether it's easing age-related illnesses, aiding digestion, or strengthening the immune system, Kan Herbs offers natural options for pet owners seeking holistic care.

The synergy between TCVM Pet Supply and Kan Herbs is fortified by Kan Herbs’ fusion of ancient wisdom with modern scientific research. Their innovative approach integrates traditional herbal knowledge with contemporary scientific advancements, ensuring that their products meet the evolving needs of pets in today's world.

In addition, Kan Herbs’ commitment to education and transparency resonates deeply with TCVM Pet Supply's core values. They prioritize educating both pet owners and veterinary professionals about the benefits of Chinese herbal medicine, empowering them to make informed choices regarding their pets' health and well-being.

However, the comprehensive support provided by Kan Herbs extends beyond product offerings. Their team of experienced herbalists and experts serves as a valuable resource, offering guidance and expertise to veterinarians seeking personalized solutions for their pet-patients’ health concerns.

TCVM Pet Supply takes immense pride in offering products from a vendor like Kan Herbs, whose dedication to authenticity and integrity aligns seamlessly with our commitment to promoting holistic pet health. Kan Herb Company's unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, quality assurance, and innovation in herbal formulations mirrors our values, fostering trust and confidence among our clientele.

While recently visiting Kan Herbal’s practitioner site, I stumbled upon the following:


Love in a Bottle – The Kan Difference
As a company that helps people enjoy better health through herbs, we seek to show love and respect for everyone, and everything involved as we craft and sell TCM formulas. It’s our intention that in addition to our potent herbs, we include a little love in each bottle.


Now couldn’t we all use a little bit more of such a wonderful attitude in our daily lives?

Our Kan Herb product offerings are a testament to our shared passion for promoting the health and well-being of beloved animal companions through the power of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.


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