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Jing Tang Stasis Breaker Teapills #200

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Jing Tang Stasis Breaker Teapills #200  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Stasis Breaker Teapills #200

Stasis Breaker

Size/Quantity: Teapills #200

TCVM Principles: Breaks Blood stasis, softens the hardness and supports the body's natural removal of masses.

Veterinarian authorization required.


Bai Hua She She Cao, E Zhu. Mu Li (Shu), San Leng, Zhe Bei Mu

Inactive Ingredients: Activated carbon, Botanical wax, talcum


Ask a Question
  • My dog has Hemangiosarcoma. If I give him the pills, I’m afraid it’ll make his tumor rupture and he’ll bleed to death. It’s attached to his bowels. It’s a humongous tumor that bleeds. How does the process work? Will he be safe?

    Thank you for your question! This TCVM herbal formula is recommended for abnormal internal masses and is used safely by many vets. Please check with your vet regarding whether Stasis Breaker is appropriate for your pet since every pet's condition is different. Your vet will be able to advise you on how to use Stasis Breaker safely. To learn more about Stasis Breaker, click here: Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

  • I have a cat with mast cell tumor cancer and also IBD. He is 8 years old. I have been treating him with Complete Gut Health from Only Natural Pet in CO, and 6 drops of Thuja from there as well. He also gets Whole Body Support from Standard Process. I am thinking your advice and treatment options might be a better choice. What can I do for him with your products?

    Thank you for your question! Our vets' top general recommendation for cancer is medicinal mushrooms:

    Neoplasene may also interest you! 

    There are also TCVM herbal formulas our vets have success with. 

    Here are a couple of examples of TCVM herbal formulas I see them often recommending in their clinics:

    Max's Formula:

    Stasis Breaker:

    These are just a couple of the most common examples, there are several different blends to choose from, depending on the pet's individual patterns and deficiencies.

    The other thing our vets recommend is a TCVM energetically-appropriate diet. 

    This is a diet based on your dog's personal subtle energy. The appropriate diet will either help bring your dog into energetic balance or help your dog maintain energetic balance. Once maintaining balance, your dog's body as a whole is much stronger and more able to ward off disease.

    Here's the link to our recipe page:

    Here's a link to the food chart for dogs to help you pick the most appropriate diet for your dog:

    In addition, just wanted to make sure you saw our free ebook on dog cancer:

    Also, if you ever feel like you need some extra help or a second opinion, our vets offer telemedicine consultations and will provide co-care in conjunction with your current vet.

  • Do You ship Stasis Breaker teapills to the Nederlands?

    Thank you for your question! If you have a veterinarian that will authorize your purchase, you can email us at with your address and we will look into whether the Nederlands allows import of Eastern herbals. We will also get an estimate of the cost to ship the herbs internationally. Thanks for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

  • My 12 lb yorkie poo has lymphoma. He is in remission. Completed 25-week CHOP chemo protocol. Will be receiving T-Cell Immunotherapy Infusions this month. Would Stasis Breaker be a good supplement to put him on. If so, how many of the Tea pills per day would he require and how long would one bottle last?

    Hi there, Eileen! Thank you for writing, and I am sorry to hear your dog has Lymphoma! Stasis Breaker is a great herbal formula that supports the immune system of dogs with cancer. We recommend checking with your veterinarian to see if it's a good option for your yorkie poo. There are other herbal formulas that support cancer too, and they are dependent on your pet's condition. Usually, there are multiple herbal formulas that can help a condition, but there is one formula that helps the most. That's what we want to make sure you're getting, and your vet can help you determine which herbal formula to use and how many teapills to give. All Jing Tang purchases on our site require an herbal authorization from your vet so we can make sure you're purchasing the formula your vet recommends. To request one, just click the link at the top of our homepage that says "Request Authorization".