Jing Tang Tendon Ligament Formula Teapills #200

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Jing Tang

Tendon Ligament Formula

Size/Quantity: Teapills #200

TCVM Principles: Nourishes Liver, Yin and Blood, strengthens tendons and ligaments.

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • I get these pills from my vet and she advised to give 1 pill per 10 pounds. Is this the same concentration? Or is there a stronger concentration available? My dog is 120lbs so he requires 24 pills per day. Clarification on the dosage would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your question! Jing Tang makes a Concentrated 90g powder for horses and large dogs. This product is more concentrated than what you're using and it would last you longer. It has the same active ingredients as the teapills. We recommend using this product: https://tcvmpet.com/products/tendon-ligament-formula-concentrated-90g-powder?variant=31353789677638. The manufacturer's recommended dosing range for this product is  0.1g to 0.25g per 10 to 20lbs twice daily. Teapills are 180mg, but they are not concentrated.