Jing Tang Shen Calmer Concentrated 0.2g Capsules #50

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Jing Tang

Shen Calmer

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 0.2g Capsules #50

TCVM Principles: Nourish Heart Yin and Blood, calm down Shen, and soothe Liver Qi

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • I have a 68 lb golden retriever. What Shen Calmer would you recommend for him?

    Thanks for your question! The Concentrated 90g Powder is almost always the most cost effective formula for medium to large dogs and horses, giving you the lowest price per day. Your vet can recommend a good starting dose in grams for your dog, and then you can tell how long the Concentrated 90g powder would last you. It can be easily mixed into food. The capsules tend to cost slightly more per day to account for the labor involved in putting the powder into the capsules and the material to make the capsules. But, no need to worry! The Shen Calmer powders and capsules all contain the same herbs. If you'd like to request authorization from your vet, please visit this link: https://tcvmpet.com/pages/get-an-authorization.