Liver Happy Concentrated 90g Powder

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Jing Tang

Liver Happy 

Quantity: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM Principles: Soothe Liver Qi, clear Heat, resolve Stagnation

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • Hello, How much is the happy liver powder for dogs?

    Thank you for your question! The manufacturer of the herbs, Jing Tang, requires us not to print prices on our product pages unless customers are logged in. Since our answer to your question will show up on the product page, please log in to view prices of the items you're looking for. Or, if you don't want to create an account, you can email us at and we can provide the prices. Thank you for supporting Chinese Medicine!

  • I got a recommendation from a colleague that recommends Liver Happy for dogs with liver dysfunction. Can you give me more information about the dosage?

    Thank you for your question! The dose for Concentrated Liver Happy 90g is 0.1g to 0.25g per 10 to 20lbs twice daily for dogs and cats. Your vet will be able to help you decide a precise dose in that range depending on your dog's condition. Also, your veterinarian's authorization is needed in order to purchase from us. You can request authorization here: