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Jing Tang Lily Combination Formula Concentrated 90g Powder

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Lily Combination Formula Concentrated 90g Powder - TCVM - Pet - Supply

Jing Tang Lily Combination Formula Concentrated 90g Powder

Lily Combination Formula

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM Principles: Nourish Yin and moisten Lung, stop asthma and cough.

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Bai He, Bai Shao Yo, Dang Gui, Gan Cao, Jie Gent, Mai Men Dong, Sheng Di Huang, Shu Di Huang, Xuan Shen, Zhe Bei Mu.

Ingredients: Gluten-free maltodextrin


Ask a Question
  • Can this safely be used for dogs with heart murmurs or heart conditions?

    Thank you for your question! The manufacturer, Jing Tang, doesn't list any contraindications or interactions for this herbal formula. However, please check with your vet who knows your pet's individual situation the best. They will be able to tell you for sure whether Lily Combination is the right herb for your pet's condition.

  • What is the best way to administer the lily combo. I have a very small (9lb) dog. Can I put it in her food? Will it alter the taste. Thank you.

    Thank you for your question! Since a small dog will only take a very tiny amount (the dose will have to be recommended by your veterinarian), the best thing to do is mix it into food. With concentrated powders, you don't have to give very much powder to achieve the intended effect. The amount will be so small, it shouldn't alter the taste of the food very much. You can request authorization from your vet here if you're interested in purchasing: