Jing Tang Di Tan Tang Concentrated 0.2g Capsules #50

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Jing Tang

Di Tan Tang

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 0.2g Capsules #50

TCVM Principles: Transforms phlegm, clears internal wind

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • Hello, I purchased the ditan tang 0.2 capsules in March for my dog and one bottle was only $42. Is there a reason they are now 53.50? That’s a big difference. Thank you !

    Hi there, Christine! 

    If you previously purchased the non-concentrated version of these capsules, they were a lower price, but they have been discountinued by the manufacturer. 

    If you purchased the concentrated 0.2g caps #50 for $42.00, we had the incorrect price in our system and it was lower by error. 

    I am glad you brought this price to my attention, because the correct price for this item is actually supposed to be $60.50 instead of $53.50. In case you want to purchase them at the $53.50 price, I will wait to update the price until tomorrow, giving you a chance to get them at the lower price. 

    It's possible your vet may have the herbs available for a cheaper price as well. 

    Thank you for your patience!