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Jing Tang Crystal Stone Formula Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

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Jing Tang Concentrated Qi Performance 90g Powder  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Crystal Stone Formula Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

Crystal Stone Formula

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100
TCVM Principles: Clears Heat and Damp, resolves crystals and supports the bladder's normal healing process
Veterinary authorization required. 
Bian Xu, Che Qian Zi, Dang Gui, Fu Ling, Gui Zhi, Hai Jin Sha, Jin Qian Cao, Qu Mai, Sheng Di Huang, Tong Cao, Ze Xie, Zhi Zi, Zhu Ling
Ingredients: Gelatin, may contain Gluten-free maltodextrin


Ask a Question
  • My cat is on the crystal stone. He had struvite crystals and his ph level was high. Will the crystal stone reduce the ph level?

    Thank you for your question! We haven't tested Crystal Stone Formula to see if the pH level is reduced after use. To the best of our knowledge, this is not an effect of the herbal formula.

  • I know this sounds crazy but by mistake I picked up my cat's concentrated crystal stone capsules and took one. I had my antioxidant pills sitting right next to them and obviously took the wrong one. I guess before you answer this message if it is harmful to my health I will know before you receive this message. Other than that, can you write to me and let me know if this can harm me in any way long-term. Sincerely, Cinde

    Thank you for your question! We do not expect any long-term side effects if you took a Crystal Stone Formula capsule.

  • My bichon dog had an bladder stone operation a year ago and my vet put her on these. (Struvite stones , uti infection, but sometimes a little oxalate too) . However, have had different holistic vet tell me to go 3 weeks on and 1 week off. The other vet said just give it to her all the time . Any suggestions on who is correct or maybe both are? Plus any other suggestions Thank you

    Thanks for your question! Without knowing your pet, it's hard for us to say which protocol we would recommend for your specific case. You may want to ask your vet about Bladder Support chews: We recommend following your vet's advice, as they know your pet and their individual condition the best. One additional resource you may be interested in is our free ebook about bladder stones in dogs. This ebook was written by our vets. You could look through it and ask questions of both your vets to find the protocol that works for you. You can find it here:

  • How often can this be given? Can it be given twice/day or just once?

    Thanks for your question! For maximum effectiveness, Jing Tang recommends their herbs be given twice per day.