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Blackwing Farms Settle Down Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray)

Blackwing Farms Settle Down Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray) bottle photo

Blackwing Farms Settle Down Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray)

Blackwing Farms Settle Down Flower Essence Blend

Discover tranquility with Settle Down Flower Essence Blend – the ultimate solution for exuberant companions with 'wiggle wag bodies.' Picture those joyful dogs bursting with enthusiasm, making it challenging to capture their attention. Our unique formula, meticulously crafted for these happy but distractible canines, ensures a calm and attentive response every time you call.

This exceptional blend features flower essences renowned for their effectiveness: Impatiens for impulse control, Valerian Flowers for relaxation (note: Blackwing Farms only uses flowers, not roots, in their products), Yarrow to address stubbornness, Star Tulip for grounding, Echinacea to counter excitability, and homeopathic Arnica 30x for mental clarity.

Why Yarrow for stubbornness? It's not just about overcoming stubbornness; it's a strategic move to address a chronic listening issue. We seek a mental breakthrough, a transformation in behavior toward greater cooperation. Expect enhanced calm, focus, and reduced stress - without compromising your furry friend's vibrant energy.

Training Secret

Ditch the old commands like "don't, stop, quit" that might have lost their impact. Choose a fresh, positive word to mark the desired behavior.

Channel excess energy into constructive outlets such as interactive toys, new tricks, engaging puzzles, or stimulating scent work. Remember, 15 minutes of mental stimulation equals an hour of physical activity, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

How to Use BlackWing Farms Flower Essences

Apply directly to drinking water, food, or treats. For feral or aggressive animals, spray the remedy nearby. Use 4 sprays, 4 times daily, for most animals. Add to drinking water when refreshing or spray on toys, bedding, grooming equipment, crates, stall doors, or in bath water. Apply a capful on a towel, gently use it, or hang it nearby—share with others if needed.

The safety of Essences is unequivocal, with over 50 years of research revealing no reported adverse side effects. Sharing water or accidental exposure to drops by other animals poses no harm, often resulting in improved behavior.

Essences focus on the mind and emotions, and no reports of interference with medication exist. While BlackWing Farms' Remedies boast a 42-year history and a solid reputation for integrity and experience, their exclusive dedication to animals for 25 years sets them apart.

What are Flower Essences?

Derived from plant life, especially flowers, leaves, and stems, Essences are crafted without harming plants, avoiding the use of roots or bark for the planet's health.

How do Essences Help Animals?

Flower essences resolve mental and emotional issues, prevent negative behaviors, and address difficulties comprehensively. Essences, like Clematis for focus, Impatiens for patience, and Mimulus for trust, foster positive change without suppressing emotions, ensuring an optimal life for animals. Successful by targeting the root cause of behavior problems.



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