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Blackwing Farms Courage & Trust Flower Essence Blend (2 oz Spray)

Blackwing Farms Courage & Trust Flower Essence Blend (2 oz Spray) bottle front

Blackwing Farms Courage & Trust Flower Essence Blend (2 oz Spray)

Blackwing Farms Courage & Trust Flower Essence Blend

Forge trust-based connections. Dissolve deep-seated fears, past trauma, and negative memories with "Courage & Trust" Flower Essence Blend.
Crafted with Angel’s Trumpet for optimism, Pine for self-confidence, Star Tulip for sensitivity, Star of Bethlehem for addressing past trauma, and Clover for building trust.

Courage & Trust transforms animals struggling with uncontrollable negative behaviors, from panic to emotional shutdown. Excellent for animals whose unpredictable actions render them dangerous or, at the very least, unhappy.

Courage & Trust blend infuses inner strength and resilience, transforming threatening circumstances. The flower essences replace negative experiences and memories, enabling the animal to embrace its surroundings without reacting to past traumas.

Regaining (impulse) control, the animal recognizes safety, empowering forward movement with confidence, courage, and trust.

Who Benefits from "Courage & Trust" Flower Essence Blend?

Rescue pets, puppy mill puppies (and adults), feral cats, "fraidy" cats, wild dogs, captured mustangs, and slaughterhouse survivors. 

Common behavior issues addressed include negative reactions to kind gestures, general confusion, and insecurity.

A Utah sanctuary witnessed remarkable results with two untouchable feral dogs over six years. After just five days of introducing Courage & Trust to their water and food, a gradual transformation unfolded. From slowing down around caregivers to taking treats gently from human hands--within two weeks, they trusted enough for human touch. This phenomenon earned Courage & Trust a new nickname: "Liquid Courage!"

Experience the transformative power for yourself!

How to Use BlackWing Farms Flower Essences

Apply directly to drinking water, food, or treats. For feral or aggressive animals, spray the remedy nearby. Use 4 sprays, 4 times daily, for most animals. Add to drinking water when refreshing or spray on toys, bedding, grooming equipment, crates, stall doors, or in bath water. Apply a capful on a towel, gently use it, or hang it nearby‚ÄĒshare with others if needed.

The safety of flower essences is unequivocal, with over 50 years of research revealing no reported adverse side effects. Sharing water or accidental exposure to drops by other animals poses no harm, often resulting in improved behavior.

Essences focus on the mind and emotions, and no reports of interference with medication exist. While BlackWing Farms' Remedies boast a 42-year history and a solid reputation for integrity and experience, their exclusive dedication to animals for 25 years sets them apart.

What are Flower Essences?

Derived from plant life, especially flowers, leaves, and stems, Essences are crafted without harming plants, avoiding the use of roots or bark for the planet's health.

How do Essences Help Animals?

Flower essences resolve mental and emotional issues, prevent negative behaviors, and address difficulties comprehensively. Essences, like Clematis for focus, Impatiens for patience, and Mimulus for trust, foster positive change without suppressing emotions, ensuring an optimal life for animals. Successful by targeting the root cause of behavior problems.


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