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Jing Tang Cervical Formula Concentrated 90g Powder

Jing Tang Cervical Formula Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Cervical Formula Concentrated 90g Powder

Cervical Formula

SIZE/QUANTITY: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM PRINCIPLES: Activates Blood, moves Qi, dissipates Stagnation

INGREDIENTS: Bai Shao Yao, Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui Wei, Gan Cao, Ge Gen, Gui Zhi, Ji Sue Tent, Mu Gua, Qiang Huo
NOTE: Jing Tang herbs take 5-10 business days to arrive. Products ordered may arrive at different times, in different boxes, and via different shipping carriers.

 INGREDIENTS Bai Shao Yao, Chuan Xiong, Dang Gui Wei, Gan Cao, Ge Gen, Gui Zhi, Ji Sue Tent, Mu Gua, Qiang Huo

INGREDIENTS: Gluten-free maltodextrin

The manufacturer requires authorization from a TCVM veterinarian to order this product


Ask a Question
  • good morning I am writing because after administering cervical formula my dog ‚Äč‚Äčhad signs of fatigue and ataxia. Are these any side effects you have already had? thank you

    Hello, we are very sorry for the challenges you are facing with your dog. The manufacturer, Jing Tang, has no general warnings or contraindications listed for Cervical Formula. However, when unusual symptoms or health situations arise, we always recommend contacting your veterinarian. Although very uncommon, it is possible for a pet to have a reaction to one of the herbs in the formula. And there is always the possibility that the symptoms your dog is having are unrelated to the herbal formula and are caused by something else. Please let your vet know what's going on right away, and we hope your dog is feeling better soon!

  • My 9lb yorkie is being treated for neuropathy from damaged c1/c2 and c5 / c6 in his neck. He's doing eastern medicine and as of last week I started with a vet that is doing acupuncture,chiro, and was given the cervical formula 200 teapill. I gave him 2 pills 1x as prescribed and only the one time because he had bloody stools. I have stopped. Is this anythi g to be concerned about? He's eating, Fri k8ng and urinating fine but his stool is loose and has still got some blood it. He goes bk to see Dr friday.

    Thank you for your question and your support of Chinese Medicine! Bloody stools are not a known side effect of Cervical Formula, but loose stools are sometimes seen. The only known side effects of Eastern Herbals are some loose stools that usually resolve on their own. The loose stools are seen in some patients at the start of administration of the herbal. We recommend letting your vet know about the bloody stools and following your vet's advice to see what the possible cause is. We hope your Yorkie is feeling better soon!