Kan Essentials Urinary Support Formula

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Kan Essentials Urinary Support Formula

Veterinary Authorization Required


Urinary Support Formula (Pang Guang Zhu Yu Tang) is based on two classic formulas, Dispel Stasis in the Lower Palace (Shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang) and Wu Yao Tang. Wu Yao Tang moves Qi in the lower abdomen, while the former moves Blood. Since Qi is the motive force for Blood, pairing the two formulas creates a potent synergy. The herbs borrowed from Wu Yao Tang include Lindera tuber, prepared Cyperus rhizome and Dong quai root tail. Lindera tuber and prepared Cyperus rhizome strongly move abdominal Qiwhile Dong quai root tail tonifies and moves Blood. In Urinary Support Formula, however, only the tips of Dong quai are used, resulting in a more pronounced Blood-moving effect and little tonic effect. The herbs borrowed from Dispel Stasis in the Lower Palace include prepared Corydalis yanhusuo tuber, Dong quai root tail, Sichuan lovage rhizome, Chinese red peony root, Bulrush pollen and Myrrh resin. All of these herbs are Blood-movers, with prepared Corydalis yanhusuo tuber having a reputation for being an especially good mover. Bulrush pollen removes Blood stasis and facilitates healthy Bladder functions. Chinese red peony root moves and cools Blood, but also protects it from being scattered by the strong moving effect of the rest of the formula. The other three herbs in the formula perform multiple functions. Plantain herb drains any lingering Damp Heat from the Bladder. Vaccarria seed moves Blood but also drains Damp and Dampness accumulations. Pyrrosia leaf supports healthy Bladder functions and clears Damp heat. For animals with strong symptoms of Blood stasis and Damp Heat, pair with Four Marvels


Dispels Blood stasis in the Bladder with chronic Damp Heat accumulations, moves Qi in the Lower abdomen.


• Occasional urinary dysfunction, occasional urinary tract infections.

• Promotes bladder health, supports healthy bladder functions.

• Occasional water retention.


Tense or choppy.


Lavender or purple with possible yellow or dry coat.


Not to be used alone in animals with Blood stasis secondary to Blood deficiency (pair with Liver Support Formula) or Kidney Yang deficiency (use Dispel Stasis in the Lower Palace instead).


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Wu yao

Lindera tuber

Che qian cao

Plantain herb

Shi wei

Pyrrosia leaf

Dang gui wei

Dong quai root tail

Pu huang

Bulrush pollen

Chi shao

Chinese red peony root

Zhi yan hu suo

Prepared corydalis yanhusuo tuber

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Mo yao

Myrrh resin

Zhi xiang fu

Prepared cyperus rhizome

Wang bu liu xing

Vaccaria seed