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Jing Tang Su Zi Jiang Qi Concentrated 90g Powder  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Su Zi Jiang Qi Concentrated 90g Powder

Su Zi Jiang Qi

SIZE/QUANTITY: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM PRINCIPLES: Transform phlegm, strengthen Kidney Yang to support normal breathing, Descend Qi from the Upper Jiao to the Lower Jiao

INGREDIENTS: Ban Xia, Da Zao, Dang Gui, Gan Cao, Gan Jiang, Hou Po, Qian Hu, Rou Gui, Zi Su Ye, Zi Su Zi

Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free maltodextrin


Ask a Question
  • How many G of Jing Tang Su Zi Jiang Qi per tsp of powder? How much of a tsp should equal .125g of Jing Tang Su Zi Jiang Qi? Thank you.

    Thank you for your question!

    These are conversions for Jing Tang herbs: 

    0.5g is 1/10 of a teaspoon
    0.25g is 5/100 of a teaspoon. 

    We realize they are a bit hard to measure! 

    Jing Tang sends a small white scoop in their concentrated formulas, this is sometimes easier to use than a teaspoon. 

    The large end of the scoop is equivalent to roughly 1.2g.

    Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine!

  • I have a cat that has asthma that is worse in the fall and winter months. I treat him with inhaler And anti nausea meds. Try not to use prednisone. How do you know that i

    Thank you for your question! We recommend Pork Lung Treats for respiratory issues in cats, along with an herbal called Su Zi Jiang Qi. This requires vet approval, which you can request from your vet here:
    Here's a link to more information on this herbal formula: Thank you for supporting Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine! Just let us know if you have any other questions.

  • How much do you give a 20lb dog? How long will it last?

    Thank you for your question! The manufacturer's recommended dose range for concentrated 90g formulas is 0.125-0.25g per 10-20lb twice daily for dogs and cats. The length of time the bottle will last depends on the dose your vet recommends in that range. If you find out how many grams per day your vet recommends, you can figure out how long it will last. You can divide 90 by the number of grams per day your vet recommends to see how many days the bottle will last. To request authorization from your vet, you can go here:

  • Su Zi Jiang Qi. . Have been using powder from vet. For tracheal health. Can you tell me about S Z J Qi I want To receive quality product. I understand that results or improvement of trachea is only marginal. What else’s does it help/improve. Thank you also do you have Lili combination.

    Thank you for your question! I'm sorry to hear your dog is dealing with respiratory issues.

    There is additional info about Su Zi Jiang Qi you may find helpful here: Other conditions it may help are listed under the heading "Su Zi Jiang Qi: Western Philosophy" in that article.

    Here is information about the manufacturer's quality control:

    We do offer Lily Combination here, in a variety of different forms:

    Also, if you'd like to request authorization from your vet to purchase this product from us, please go here: