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Restore Restraint

Veterinary Authorization Required

ABOUT THE HERBS Restore Restraint (Sang Piao Xiao San) addresses a disharmony between the Kidney and the Heart. Its action is two-fold – to harmonize the Kidney and Heart, thereby calming the Spirit, and to restrain the leakage of fluids. Dragon bone, Poria with wood root, Polygala root and Altaica rhizome calm the Spirit and ease restlessness. Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome tonifies the Qi, while Dong quai root tonifies the Blood. Mantis egg-case and Palmleaf raspberry fruit astringe the leakage of fluids. Polygala root and Poria with wood root direct the focus of the formula towards the Kidney and Bladder.


Tonifies Kidney, tonifies Heart Qi and Blood to anchor the Spirit, restrains leakage of Essence.


• Temporary frequent urination.

• Supports healthy urination regularity.

• Supports healthy bladder function.

• Heightened response to stress resulting in temporary anxiety.

• Supports emotional wellbeing.

• Occasional disorientation and fatigue.


Thin, slow and forceless.


Pale with a possible white coating.


Vigorous Fire in Lower Burner, Damp Heat.


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Fu pen zi

Palm leaf raspherry fruit

Long gu

Dragon bone

Shu di huang

Prepared rehmannia root

Hong ren shen

Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome

Fu shen mu

Poria with wood root

Jiu jie chang pu

Altaica rhizome

Yuan zhi

Polygala root