Kan Essentials Rehmannia Eight Combination

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Kan Essentials Rehmannia Eight Combination 

Veterinary Authorization Required


Rehmannia Eight Combination is the literal translation of Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, also known as Precious Golden Tonify the Qi Pill (Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan). This formula was another lasting contribution of Zhang Zhong-Jing of the Han dynasty, and was first published in about 500 A.D. in Essentials of the Golden Cabinet. Qi is life force, and is generated through the mingling of Yin and Yang; Rehmannia Eight Combination contains tonics for both. The Yang tonics also add warmth to the lower burner, assisting the Bladder in water transportation. The first three herbs are Yin tonics. Prepared Rehmannia root has an overall warming effect and nourishes Kidney Yin and Blood. Chinese yam rhizome astringes Essence, helping to avoid dryness in the Kidneys, Lung and Middle Burner. Asiatic cornelian cherry nourishes Liver Blood and Yin, and helps astringe Kidney Essence leakage. Balancing the potential cloying effects of these three Yin tonics are three moving and draining herbs. Asian water plantain rhizome promotes urination. Poria provides gentle Spleen support and leeches Damp from the Middle Burner where Chinese yam rhizome acts. Tree peony root bark clears Heat accumulating in the Liver, secondary to stasis. Asiatic cornelian cherry warms and astringes. Chinese cinnamon bark and prepared Aconite root warm the Kidneys and dispel Cold in the Lower Burner


Nourishes Kidney Qi, Yin and Yang, adding warmth to the Lower Burner.


• Occasional low back weakness or stiffness.

• Occasional fatigue, lack of vitality.

• Possible water retention.

• Occasional urinary incontinence, frequent urination.

• Supports healthy thyroid functions.

• Supports healthy blood sugar levels.

• Supports renal health.




Has a purplish cast; maybe swollen with the moist coat.


Avoid use in animals with acute renal inflammation


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Shu di huang

Prepared rehmannia root

Shan yao

Chinese yam rhizome

Shan zhu yu

Asiatic cornelian cherry

Fu ling


Ze xie

Asian water plantain rhizome

Mu dan pi

Tree peony root bark

Rou gui

Chinese cinnamon bark

Zhi fu zi

Prepared aconite root