Ophiopogon Formula 200g Powder

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Jing Tang

Ophiopogon Formula

Size/Quantity: 200g Powder

TCVM Principles: Nourish Yin, clear Heat, promote body fluids

Veterinary authorization required. 

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Ask a Question
  • My dog is 15.8 lbs with Cushings. Which Ophiopogon supplement do I need and how much do I give him?

    Thank you for your question! Usually, the herbs last awhile for smaller dogs, so that's good news for you! There is a dosing range, so your vet will have to help you decide where to dose in the range based on your dog's condition. For the regular powder (non-concentrated) the range is 0.5 g per 10 to 20 lb body weight twice daily. We require veterinary authorization for all herb purchases so we can verify you're purchasing the correct formula for your pet's condition. You can request a veterinary authorization here: https://tcvmpet.com/pages/get-an-authorization