Jing Tang Hot Hoof I Concentrated 90g Powder

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Jing Tang

Hot Hoof I Formula 

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM Principles: Clear Damp-Heat, move Qi, activate Blood and relieve pain

Veterinary authorization required. 

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  • Will this work for navicular inflammation?

    Thank you for your question! Hot Hoof 1 is formulated to specifically address laminitis and may not address the underlying imbalances associated with navicular disease. There are other herbal formulas or combinations of herbal formulas that may be appropriate, however, such as Body Sore, Tendon Ligament Formula, Sang Zhi San, or others.    We recommend checking with your vet to see what your horse's TCVM diagnosis is. This will help your vet choose the correct herbal formula. Here's a helpful article: https://ivcjournal.com/tcvm-for-lameness-in-horses-diagnosis-and-treatment/   Also, your veterinarian's authorization is needed in order to purchase from us. You can request authorization here: https://tcvmpet.com/pages/get-an-authorization.