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Harmonize the Qi

Veterinary Authorization Required


Harmonize the Qi (Xiao Chai Hu Tang) addresses the complex patterns that are represented by an invasion that is half in the Exterior and half in the Interior. Cool and pungent Bupleurum root moves Yang energy upward and outward, while bitter cold Chinese skullcap root descends Yang inwards and downwards. This dual and seemingly self-defeating influence is typical in harmonizing formulas such as Harmonize the Qi. By normalizing Yang movement, regardless of how it is constrained, Harmonize the Qi has acquired its reputation of safety. Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome, Red jujube fruit and Chinese licorice root and rhizome address any Qideficiency that has occurred following the failure of Yang to return. Ginger cured Pinellia rhizome transforms any Phlegm obstructions of the Triple Burner that interfere with Yang movement. Ginger rhizome helps ginger cured Pinellia rhizome in this regard and harmonizes the Middle Burner of the body to direct rebellious Qi downward.


Expels invasion of the Shao Yang level, promotes the smooth flow of Qi, normalizes Yang movement, tonifies Qi, transforms Phlegm.


• Supports a healthy immune system.

• Occasional weakness, loss of balance.

• Supports healthy liver and pancreatic enzyme levels.

• Occasional nausea and possible vomiting.

• Occasional shortness of breath.

• Restlessness.


Strong, toned and wiry.


Normal, possibly purplish.




Pinyin Name

Common Name

Jiang ban xia

Ginger cured pinellia rhizome

Chai hu

Bupleurum root

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root and rhizome

Huang qin

Chinese skullcap root

Gan jiang

Ginger rhizome

Hong ren shen

Chinese red ginseng root and rhizome

Hong zao

Red jujube fruit