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Kan Essentials Four Marvels 

Veterinary Authorization Required


Four Marvels (Si Miao San) is an augmentation of Two Marvels Powder (Er Miao San). It was designed to address the accumulation of Damp Heat in the Lower Burner. The Damp may be internal or external in origin; Damp can only invade from the environment if it is being manufactured internally through dysfunction of the Spleen. Once Damp has been present in the body for a long period, it causes the generation of Heat, and becomes known as Damp Heat. The original version, published a hundred years ago, contains fifty percent more Phellodendron bark than Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome, resulting in a strongly cooling but intensely bitter formula. Reducing Phellodendron bark levels to slightly less than the content of Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome preserves the intent of the formula, but provides greater Spleen support. The addition of Job’s tears seed and Achryanthes root creates Four Marvels. Job’s tears seed supports the effects of the original formula by draining Damp, and its bland taste provides additional support to the Spleen. Achryanthes root acts as a Blood-mover, extending the benefits of Four Marvels. Supporting the Spleen is vital, since the primary source of Damp Heat in companion animals is too high a carbohydrate content and glycemic load in the diet. Animals that are significantly aided by Four Marvels also benefit greatly from low starch and low glycemic index foods. Four Marvels also has an astringing effect on fluid loss caused by the dehydrating influence of longstanding Damp Heat accumulation. This same astringing effect counters the drying effects of the other three herbs, making Four Marvels safe for long-term use, and a widely used formula.



Dispels Damp Heat in the Lower Burner.


• Occasional limb and/or low back pain or weakness of the lower limbs.

• Occasional red, hot, swollen feet and knees.

• Heat intolerance.

• Occasional itch, oily coat.

• Occasional rounded abdomen, malodorous gas or skin secretions, halitosis.

• Occasional loss of appetite, vomiting.

• Occasional concentrated urine.

• Supports urinary health.


variable. Thin and weak indicates underlying Spleen deficiency; rapid, wiry, forceful indicates Damp-Heat.


Red, especially on the underside.


None; safe for long-term use


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Cang zhu

Cang-zhu atractylodes rhizome

Huai niu xi

Achyranthes root

Yi yi ren

Job's tears seed

Huang bai

Phellodendron bark