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Blackwing Farms Drama-Trauma Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray)

Blackwing Farms Drama-Trauma Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray) bottle

Blackwing Farms Drama-Trauma Flower Essence Blend (2 oz spray)

Blackwing Farms Drama-Trauma Flower Essence Blend

Drama-Trauma Flower Essence Blend is your #1 solution for conquering fears and phobias! Is your pet struggling with overwhelming fear and phobias such as travel, loud noises, fireworks, skateboarders, groomers, thunderstorms, or even doorbells? Look no further. Our top-selling formula is here to provide a solution.

Why Choose Drama-Trauma?

  • Proven Efficacy: Trusted by the National Mill Dog Rescue.
  • Unparalleled Results: Reliable for animals of all sizes.
  • See the Difference: Watch Drama-Trauma in action - Video Link.

What Drama-Trauma Does for Animals

Drama-Tauma aids your pets in achieving a state of relaxation and composure, enabling them to focus on their tasks instead of instinctive fight, flight, or freeze reactions. Whether you're transporting a 1,400-pound horse for the first time or taking a 14-pound cat to the groomer, it works wonders.

A Journey of Excellence

Twenty-eight years ago, Blackwing Farms's founder developed this formula to respond to the need for a remedy that would work for animals and people. This necessity arose during her work with particularly challenging horses.

The Recipe for Success

Drama-Trauma's unique formula amplifies the Star of Bethlehem Essence to address emotional shock and grounds it with Star Tulip Essence. In addition, they've included Arnica and Impatiens to soothe restlessness, Rock Rose for fostering bravery, Clematis for encouraging positive focus, Cherry Plum for enhancing self-control, and homeopathic Arnica Montana 30x to dissolve residual negative memories.

Endorsed by Professionals

Hurricane Katrina volunteer Deb Rykoff, DVM, affirms, "We not only used your sprays in the field rescuing animals, but we also used them in the truck, transporting, and at staff meetings at the end of a long day."

Don't delay. Offer your pets the peace and tranquility they deserve. Try Drama-Trauma today and witness the transformation for yourself!

How to Use BlackWing Farms Flower Essences

Apply directly to drinking water, food, or treats. For feral or aggressive animals, spray the remedy nearby. Use 4 sprays, 4 times daily, for most animals. Add to drinking water when refreshing or spray on toys, bedding, grooming equipment, crates, stall doors, or in bath water. Apply a capful on a towel, gently use it, or hang it nearby‚ÄĒshare with others if needed.
The safety of flower essences is unequivocal, with over 50 years of research revealing no reported adverse side effects. Sharing water or accidental exposure to drops by other animals poses no harm, often resulting in improved behavior.

Essences focus on the mind and emotions, and no reports of interference with medication exist. While BlackWing Farms' Remedies boast a 42-year history and a solid reputation for integrity and experience, their exclusive dedication to animals for 25 years sets them apart.

What are Flower Essences?

Derived from plant life, especially flowers, leaves, and stems, Essences are crafted without harming plants, avoiding the use of roots or bark for the planet's health.

How do Essences Help Animals?

Flower essences resolve mental and emotional issues, prevent negative behaviors, and address difficulties comprehensively. Essences, like Clematis for focus, Impatiens for patience, and Mimulus for trust, foster positive change without suppressing emotions, ensuring an optimal life for animals. Successful by targeting the root cause of behavior problems.


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