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Jing Tang Wind Toxin Concentrated 90g Powder  - TCVM Pet Supply

Jing Tang Wind Toxin Concentrated 90g Powder

Concentrated Wind Toxin 

SIZE/QUANTITY: Concentrated 90g Powder

TCVM PRINCIPLES: Clears Wind and Heat, detoxifies and supports animals with hypersensitive skin.

INGREDIENTS: Bai Ji Li, Bai Xian Pi, Bai Zhu, Chi Shao, Dang Gui, Fang Feng, Fu Ling, He Shou Wu, Jin Yin Hua, Jing Jie, Ju Hua, Ku Shen, Xuan Shen, Zhi Zi

Inactive Ingredients: Gluten-free maltodextrin


Ask a Question
  • what is the dosage for a 50 lb dog who has mast cell cancer?

    Thank you for your question! The typical dose of Wind Toxin Concentrated 90g Powder is 0.1g to 0.25g per 10 to 20lbs twice daily for dogs and cats. Vets may change the dose or herbal formula based on individual characteristics and symptoms. We recommend checking with your vet to see what your pet's TCVM diagnosis is. A TCVM diagnosis helps your vet choose the correct herbal formula and dose. Also, your veterinarian's authorization is needed in order to purchase from us. You can request authorization here:

  • Hi, My vet prescribed External Wind, and the bottle he gave me says 100gm. Is that the amount or is that the strength? I'm to give two teaspoons on food twice daily. I don't see the same product on your website. The gm's are different. Do you not have the 100gm? I did see capsules, but I don't want that, and it doesn't say how many capsules are in the bottle so i can't calculate how much that would be. Thank you.

    Thank you for your question! External Wind powder is not produced by Jing Tang in a 100 gram container size at this time. It is likely your vet bought a larger size of the powder and sold you 100 grams of that powder, possibly in their own container. Many vets sell the herbs in smaller quantities than what we carry so pet owners can test out the herbs to see if their pet will enjoy them. I would check to see if the brand name of the product they sold you is "Jing Tang" which is the brand we carry. The grams are a weight measurement. If the label says "Concentrated" the herbs are double the strength of the regular, non-concentrated heral formulas. We do carry capsules too. The "#" sign next to the capsule products indicates the quantity that come in a bottle. I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any other questions!