Rehmannia 8 Concentrated 90g Powder for Horse and Large Dogs

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Jing Tang

Rehmannia 8

Size/Quantity: Concentrated 0.5g Capsules #100

TCVM Principles: Tonify Kidney and warm Yang

Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy

WARNING: Use caution in patients with blood Deficiency or Yin Deficiency. This formula may cause drug testing to be positive.

Dosage for Horse: 3g twice daily

Dosage for Dog/Cat:

- One 0.5g capsule per 20 to 40 lb of body weight twice daily.
- One 0.2g capsule for small dog/cat once a day <10lbs

90g powder in bottle product comes with a double-sided scoop.

For dog/cat: 0.1g to 0.25g per 10 to 20lbs twice daily. 1 small level scoop holds about 0.3g of powder

For Equine: 3g (2.5 scoops) twice daily. 1 large level scoop holds about 1.2g of powder. 1 Concentrated 90g lasts 2 weeks.
Use up to 2 months.

Classical Antecedent: Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan from Jin Gui Yao Lue Fang Lun (Synopsis of Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet) written by Zhang Zhong-Jing in 220 AD.

Veterinary authorization required. 


English Name
Latin Name
   Fu Ling    Poria
   Fu Zi    Aconite
   Mu Dan Pi    Moutan
   Rou Gui    Cinnamomum
   Shan Yao    Dioscorea
   Shan Zhu Yu    Cornus
   Shu Di Huang    Rehmannia
   Ze Xie    Alisma


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