Jing Tang Qing Fei San 0.5g Capsule #200

Jing Tang

Qing Fei San

TCVM Principles: Clear Lung Heat and support lung function

Contraindications: None

Warning: None

Dosage for Horse: Up to 100 grams twice daily as a top dressing on feed

Dosage for Dog/Cat:
- 0.5 g per 10 to 20 lb body weight twice daily
- 0.2 g: 1 to 3 capsules per 10 to 20 lbs body weight twice daily

Use as needed up to 3 months

Classical Antecedent:
Qing Fei San from Yuan Heng Liao Ma Ji (Yuan-heng鈥檚 Therapeutic Treatise of Horses) written by Yu Benyuan and Yu Benheng in 1608.


English Name
Latin Name
   Ban Lan Gen    Isatis
   Gan Cao    Glycyrrhiza
   Jie Geng    Platycodon
   Ting Li Zi    Lepidium
   Zhe Bei Mu    Fritillaria