PET | TAO Harmony Limited Ingredient Canned Formula (Case of 12)



Limited Ingredient formula is created with foods specifically chosen to be energetically balancing according to the principles of Eastern Food Therapy.

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What can PET | TAO HARMONY formulas do for your pet?

PET | TAO HARMONY formulas are suggested for the maintenance of the body in a harmonious state. 

Using the guiding principles of Yin-Yang and the Five Elements, the unique combination of ingredients results in an energetically balanced diet. 

Energetic balance promotes Harmony.

PET | TAO HARMONY Limited Ingredient formula aids:
  • Achieving and maintaining balance 
  • Promoting holistic health
  • Benefiting vitality 
  • Improving well-being
PET | TAO HARMONY Limited Ingredient formula contains limited ingredients that are less likely to cause allergic reactions or stomach upset:
  • Turkey
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Green beans
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  •  and other natural ingredients!

Help your pet achieve and maintain balance with our high-quality HARMONY Limited Ingredient Formula.

It’s always better to feed for a purpose.

The PET | TAO line of holistic pet foods is created with all natural ingredients and based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine food therapy. All of our products are formulated with natural ingredients specifically chosen to bring your pet into energetic balance.


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  • What is the source of taurine (deficiencies recently suspected to be linked to heat disease)?

    Thank you for your question! Turkey is the source of taurine in PET | TAO Harmony Limited Ingredient Canned Formula.

  • Is this a balanced diet

    Thank you for your question! PET | TAO Harmony Limited Ingredient Canned Formula (Case of 12) is a balanced diet. From a Western nutritional standpoint, It is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for "All Life Stages". 

    Additionally, according to Eastern Food Therapy, the diet is energetically balanced. To learn more about the importance of energetic balance in pet food, check out this article:

    So, it's the most balanced dog food out there - from an Eastern AND Western sense!

  • Are all the Pet Tao formulas considered a full diet or a supplement! I am feeding my Dog Chill but I think I need to try the Harmony Limited Ingredient as my Dog has horrible allergies. Any other suggestions for allergies?

    Thank you for your question! Our vets have not experienced issues feeding all 4 PET | TAO canned formulas as full diets, but since two of them haven't been AAFCO approved for all life stages, those are labeled for intermittent/supplemental feeding only (this applies to Zing and Chill). For peace of mind, you can add a Daily Vitamin to these two diets. Limited Ingredient Harmony and Beef Harmony are full diets for all life stages. Limited Ingredient Harmony along with Complement Immune is a great combination for dogs with allergies. Here's an article with more info about our allergy recommendations:

  • Where are all your ingredients sourced and where is the food processed and packed?

    Thank you for your question and your interest in Chinese Medicine! PET | TAO has information about their manufacturing processes in this blog post:

  • Why did the color of the canned food change from the wet brown color... To a dry white color food??? My dog does not like the new color, is there an issue? Wet brown color 2110N23PTL02 Best by Sept 2022 Dry white color 2419N13PTL02 Best by Dec 2022 PLEASE REPLY BACK ASAP.

    Thank you for your question! This variation in color of PET | TAO products is normal. Color changes in this product depending on whether light or dark meat turkey is used in each batch. Here's an article about the variability in PET | TAO formulas: However, if your dog doesn't like this batch, we can offer you a full refund. Just email Thank you!

  • Do you ship to Alaska.

    Hi there, Judith! Yes, we can ship to Alaska! However, we are unable to provide free shipping with a $99 purchase to Alaska.