PET | TAO Harmony Freeze Dried Raw Formula (16oz Bag)


PET | TAO Harmony Freeze Dried Raw Formula (16oz Bag)

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Why isn't Eastern Food Therapy more widely adopted by dog owners?

Home cooking is time-intensive! 

It involves: 

  • Evaluating the energetic of each ingredient
  • Evaluating the quality of each ingredient
  • Following the correct ingredient proportions
  • Making sure the formula has the right overall energetic for your pet's constitution
  • Scouring grocery stores and farmer's markets for hard-to-find organs 
  • Searching for the perfect calcium supplement
  • Actual cooking time: leaving slow-cooker on for 8 hours or more depending on whether you are cooking bones
  • Cleaning up the dishes and the mess.

Then, you have to make dinner for yourself. And find the time to sit down and eat/read the news/answer your phone that keeps buzzing. 

There aren't always enough hours in the day. 

Luckily, food therapy can be easy, and energetic balance helps all pets live longer lives. 

PET | TAO removes the obstacles standing between you and consistent, energetically balanced meals for your dog. 

Benefits of freeze dried food therapy: 

  • Easiest form of food therapy available
  • More time to spend with your pet 
  • Less time measuring and following crockpot recipes
  • Lower vet bills 
  • Easy to convince your dog to eat 
  • Easy to mix with other foods
  • Easy to put on top of other foods
  • Nugget-size pieces work for all size dogs 
  • Easy to rehydrate 

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  • Can you feed the freeze dried food to cats?

    Thank you for your question! This can be fed as a treat, but not as a complete diet for cats. It's formulated to meet the nutritional needs for dogs only.

  • How many cups of rehydrated food does each bag equal?

    Thank you for your question! Each bag yields approximately 8-10 cups of food, depending on how much water you use to rehydrate.