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How to Order Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals

How to Order Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals

Why Use Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals

Chinese herbal medicine is an excellent tool for naturally helping animals feel better.

One of the main reasons people choose Chinese herbal medicine is because it's all-natural and has few side effects.

In addition, Chinese herbal medicine works on the root cause of an animal's health challenges rather than masking symptoms.

In doing so, it helps animals heal from the inside out.

How to Get Chinese Herbal Medicine for Animals

We offer many different forms of Chinese herbal medicine for animals at TCVM Pet Supply

In addition, many holistic and TCVM-trained veterinarians carry Chinese herbal medicine in their clinics.

To find the best herbal formula for your pet, you need the help of a vet trained in TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine).

A TCVM-trained vet evaluates your pet from both an Eastern and Western perspective. 

In doing so, the TCVM-trained vet provides both an Eastern and Western diagnosis.

The Eastern diagnosis determines the best Chinese herbal medicine for your pet's condition.

After your examination, your vet will choose one or more appropriate Chinese herbal blends. 

You may be able to purchase the formula at your vet's clinic. If not, you can always order in our store.

How to Get a Veterinary Authorization for Chinese Herbal Medicine

If you choose to order in our store, you'll need to get an authorization from your vet. 

To start the process, simply fill out the veterinary authorization request form

Completing the form will automatically send the information to your vet, so your vet can provide the authorization.

What if My Veterinarian Won't Provide the Authorization?

Some veterinarians are not familiar with Chinese medicine and are not comfortable authorizing Chinese herbal medicine for animals.

If your vet is not comfortable authorizing Chinese herbal medicine, our authorizing veterinarian list may help you find a vet in your area. 

As another option, one of our vets can help you with a telemedicine consultation ($125.)

Many people choose to get a TCVM telemedicine consultation with one of our vets. In doing so, they can rest assured they are getting the best herbal blend(s) for their pet's underlying patterns and deficiencies.

Here is some more information on our veterinarians:

Both veterinarians have been practicing Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and food therapy for pets for many years. 

In addition, each veterinarian has a private practice incorporating all aspects of veterinary medicine. 

In other words, they provide all standard veterinary care as well as Chinese medicine to help animals daily.

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